Body Perception Among Young Adults

     Women in the media are almost all underweight, yet their body styles have been idolized to represent fame, wealth, and attractiveness.  This has left most young women with no accurate judgment on what a healthy, young adult should be.  Most look at these sociocultural images presented to them on TV and in magazines for goals on the ideal body. 
     As of 2005, 33% of young women who were of correct and healthy weight labeled themselves as being "overweight."   This trend was also seen in women who were underweight, in which 77% labeled themselves as having the correct and healthy weight.  28% of women in college labeled themselves as over weight when they were of correct size.  (Neighbors 2008)

Sociological Effects

     The media has left an unhealthy standard for young women.  The stars in Hollywood are generally so underweight that young women are learning this to be "correct."  This has lead to perceptions of body size that are inaccurate and unhealthy;resulting in, a large portion of young women to practice unhealthy eating habits, putting themselves at risk of medical complications in attempts to achieve a "perfect" body.